3 Steps to Achieving Modelesque Contours

DID YOU KNOW… there is a science behind beauty and what we perceive to be attractive?

Studies have shown that there are particular ‘Golden Angles’ that the different features of our face make which can predict how ‘classically beautiful’ your facial features are. Trikwan Aesthetics’ Doctors Zoya Diwan and Sanjay Trikha are able to use this principle to subtly tweak certain aspects of your facial features to improve your facial definition and proportions so you can achieve the perfectly contoured ‘modelesque’ face shape that you have been looking for – all while looking completely natural and totally YOU.

Cheek fillers are one of the most diverse treatments offered in clinic. You can get cheek fillers to create contour, soften nasolabial folds, tighten your jawline, support your undereye, rejuvenate a tired looking face and even to improve your skin quality. Whilst not everyone desires a contoured look, there are many who do, and yet still we must always place emphasis on a natural look. For those of you who want a little contour, keep reading!

So, how do we do this at Trikwan?

Step 1: Cheek Filler
The addition of carefully placed cheek filler is one of the major aspects in helping to tweak your contours to achieve the V-shaped face shape coveted by aspiring runway models world-wide. Depending on the look you are wanting to achieve, our highly-experienced Dr Sanjay and Dr Zoya, will design a bespoke treatment plan just for you, which aims at creating lift and adding volume in the key areas that will help transform and define your natural contours. Our ethos when it comes to cheek filler is to achieve the MOST DIFFERENCE with the LEAST AMOUNT of filler, meaning you receive a completely natural but utterly transformative result. Using a mixed technique of needle work and cannula work, the doctors can create contour whilst simultaneously slimming down your face!

Step 2: Chin Filler
Chin filler is the final touch in creating that perfect V-shaped contour; finishing off that invisible sleek line that starts at the top of our cheeks with our artistically placed filler.
By adding a small amount of filler to the chin, you help to elongate this invisible line running through the face to create a slimmer and more defined look. As always, our Trikwan doctors will thoroughly consult you on the desired look you’re hoping to achieve and tailor your filler treatment to meet your specific needs.

Step 3: Jawline Filler/Toxin
The final step to achieve your ideal model-like face shape is to define the jaw, either through adding volume or definition to the angle of the jaw, or by reducing the appearance of jowls to make the jawline appear slimmer and/or more prominent. Here, the process of contouring the face can differ greatly between men and women depending on the shape of your natural facial features.

The majority of our male clientele aim for a more defined and angular appearance in order to achieve a stronger, and more prominent jawline. A jawline angle somewhere under 110 degrees is the ideal to create this aesthetic, and we achieve this through the highly skilled placement of filler at the level of the bone in this area. This procedure is one of our doctors’ absolute favourite to perform as it is one of the most difficult, yet most artistic, that we carry out in our Harley Street and Mayfair clinics.

Meanwhile our female clientele usually aims for less enhancement of the jaw angle and more definition of the jawline itself, through botulinum toxin injections. These injections help to relax the muscles around the jaws, reducing the appearance of jowls and slimming the jawline to provide a highly defined result. However, depending on your natural face shape we may opt to combine this with a small amount of jawline filler to the jaw angle in order to help enhance elongation of the jawline and create a sleeker final result.

All of the contouring treatments mentioned here can be performed independently, or in combination with any of the other steps, in Trikwan’s Facial Lift and Contouring Package (read more about this treatment here), in order to achieve your desired result.



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