A Complete Guide To Your First Lip Fillers

Lip fillers are arguably the most widely talked about aesthetic treatment on the market at the moment, but as a first timer, having this procedure carried out can be a daunting prospect. Littered among the perfectly shaped celeb successes are the horror stories that make experienced aesthetic practitioners shake in their boots. So, as this treatment becomes increasingly common, and fillers become available even at your local Superdrug, what are the important things you should remember on your first visit to achieve the perfectly plumped lip at Trikwan Aesthetics?

Consultation and the Procedure

So, you’ve entered our Harley St or Mayfair clinic and headed through to our treatment room, what next?

First our brilliant husband and wife doctor duo Zoya Diwan and Sanjay Trikha will have a thorough consultation with you about what your ideal result is and how we can help you achieve that result here at Trikwan. Many of our clients come to us for our renowned Trikwan Cupid’s Bow lip filler technique. Created by our Trikwan Doctor duo, this technique has been raved about by the likes of Vogue, Vanity Fair and Tatler. As the age of ‘bigger is better’ lips transitioned into patients wanting a more natural look, Dr Sanjay and Dr Zoya saw that the current techniques were not meeting this need, and so they created the Trikwan Cupid Bow filler technique, which focuses on enhancing your natural shape, using knowledge of your underlying lip anatomy, to create a flawless result. The before and after’s speak for themselves, and each treatment is unique to each of our patients; we create the perfect lip for YOU.

What should you expect once you’re in the chair?

Once we have decided a treatment plan with you, we’ll let you get comfortable in our treatment chair and we will go over the procedure with you to make sure you are comfortable before we get started. First, we will apply a lidocaine anaesthetic cream to your lips to numb them so that you will be as comfortable as possible during the filler treatment itself. Then, using our unique technique we will carefully inject filler into the upper and lower lip. Where our approach differs is in the special attention we will pay to the cupid’s bow area of your lip. The doctors will use their extensive experience and knowledge of the anatomy of the area to enhance the upper border of your top lip and the philtrum columns that extend from the base of your nose, leaving you with a fuller, beautifully defined but completely natural looking shape that will last you up to 12 months.


After the treatment has taken place, you may experience some swelling in the area that may, initially, make your lips appear larger than your ideal result. Please bear with the process, this swelling will start to reduce in the next few days. We always say that whatever result you see on the day, you must then imagine your lips looking 20-30% smaller than that, and the 2 week post-treatment mark is when you should see the final result of your fillers.

How should I look after myself post-treatment?

As with all of our treatments, there is very minimal downtime after having our lip filler treatment, however to ensure you maximise your results and reduce the risk of infection, we recommend laying off the exercise for 1 or 2 days post-treatment, and also avoiding alcohol for 24 hrs after you have been to see us at Trikwan. Additionally, we always say to avoid applying makeup to the area for the first 4 hrs and avoid hot drinks and environments (they can melt the filler!) for the first 3-4 days.

When to be worried

If you have any concerns post-treatment, please get in touch via the contact details provided on your after-care information email. We will always offer you a review so that we can assess your result and make sure that you are completely happy. Though it’s highly unlikely, if you do notice any swelling that persists beyond two weeks, or any discolouration or redness in the area beyond this time period, we would advise you to give us a quick message or ring so that we can fit you into an appointment to assess you and help put your mind at ease. Your experience being a positive and comfortable one is incredibly important to us at Trikwan Aesthetics, so no matter your concerns we will always endeavour to help resolve them with you, so that you walk away happier and more confident.



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