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Dr Sanjay Trikha and Dr Zoya Diwan are founders of Harley Street and Upper Wimpole Street Clinic Trikwan Aesthetics. Trikwan is known as the go to haven for natural looking, yet transformative facial and skin care wizardry.

The dynamic duo have recently been profiled by Vogue, Allure Magazine, Vanity Fair, Tatler and The Daily Mail as the “best in the industry” – Vogue. Recently the doctor’s have also been credited by The Daily Mail as starting a new ‘craze’ for natural look aesthetic procedures.

The talented duo are firmly placed in the little black book of celebrities hunting for that ‘subtle Trikwan tweak’ after the husband and wife team made it their mission to master the “has she, hasn’t she” approach to injectables and transformative skin care.

Aside from Botox, dermal fillers and injectable collagen skin boosters, Trikwan’s glow inducing facials are legendary. This year alone the husband and wife team are nominated for a slew of awards including their most recent for Skin transformation of the Year, while their popular ‘pre-party peel’ is a staple during awards season.

It is reassuring to note that Dr Sanjay Trikha and Dr Zoya Diwan are themselves seen as industry guru’s, regularly tutoring hundreds of medical practitioners in the highest level of aesthetic artistry at the world’s number one aesthetic educational facility.

Aside from aesthetic expertise the Trikwan commitment to patient care is of paramount importance to the doctors. This notion is supported by their current nomination for Best Customer Experience with the international My Face My Body awards.

Dr Sanjay Trikha

Dr Sanjay Trikha graduated from Barts and The London Medical School and gained First Class Honours for his BSc in Medical Management from Imperial College London. Dr Trikha completed his NHS Foundation Training in hospital medicine at King’s College Hospital Trust and is now an Aesthetic Injector performing the very latest in Botox and Dermal Filler treatments. He co-created the Trikwan Cupid’s Bow Lip Filler treatment and the “Trikwan Superhero Jawline” as well as specialises in natural look facelifts and contouring. His other achievements include being awarded multiple certificates for Leadership during his Foundation Training as an NHS doctor. Dr Trikha works as an Aesthetic Trainer at the UK’s Number 1 Aesthetic Provider and worldwide training centre of excellence in aesthetic medicine. Dr Trikha is a talented injector who uses his excellent communication skills, advanced techniques and quality-driven approach with attention to detail to set himself apart as a practitioner within the field.

Dr Zoya Diwan

Dr Zoya Diwan is a highly acclaimed aesthetic doctor who graduated from Barts and The London Medical School and gained First Class Honours for her BSc in Anatomy and Human Sciences from Kings College London. She won prestigious awards for excellence in human anatomy and completed her foundation medical training at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital Trust. She specialises in Advanced Botox and Dermal Fillers, Obagi skin care, liquid facelifts, Contouring and multiple other treatment options for full facial rejuvenation. She has a keen interest in lip fillers and co-developed the signature “Trikwan Cupid’s Bow” lip treatment and “Trikwan Superhero Jawline” with an international client base. She also has a keen interest in non-surgical nose jobs, under-eye rejuvenation and skin treatments. She is an Aesthetic Trainer at an International Aesthetic Training Academy. Dr Diwan’s unwavering desire for perfection as well as staying up to date with aesthetic academia, ensures the highest quality for all of her clients.


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