Breaking Down Body Sculpting

What makes the difference between a body contouring treatment and a weight loss solution? Read on to find out more…

Here at Trikwan Aesthetics, body contouring treatments are performed using Aqualyx Intralipotherapy injections which Trikwan’s Dr Sanjay Trikha and Dr Zoya Diwan are specially trained to administer. As a body contouring treatment we are able to use Aqualyx to target small, localised, stubborn pockets of fat which refused to be budged by targeted exercise and dieting. What sets this treatment apart from a weight loss solution is that it will not cause an overall full body fat loss, and is not designed to do so, instead it destroys fat cells in specific locations without requiring you to go under the knife. Being an injectable treatment, Aqualyx allows us to target highly localised areas, allowing us to alter your body’s contours to meet your desired result by following a detailed treatment plan decided by you and your Trikwan doctor.

While exercising and focussing on eating healthily remain the best way to tackle full body weight loss, we understand that once you start to reach your ideal weight, stubborn pockets of subcutaneous fat can persist and be very difficult to shift. This is exactly the type of fat that Aqualyx is designed to tackle. The human body is supposed to store fat when there is a surplus of energy available so that, during times of deprivation, we have a reserve available. The small fat pockets that sit just below the skin are some of the hardest to remove due to the way they are composed; the number of fat cells themselves cannot be reduced, only their contents and overall volume, as they supply a reliable depot of energy for the body.

This is where Aqualyx comes into its own, by breaking down the cell membranes of adipocytes (fat cells) in the targeted area, effectively liquifying them and allowing the contents to be removed by the body’s lymphatic system. Over a series of 2 to 4 sessions in 4 to 6 weeks, the treatment allows us to sculpt your stomach, thighs, chin, under arms or hips to enhance your contours, dissolving the pockets you wish to remove, while leaving those that you are happy with.

There are very few medical reasons a patient would not be suitable for Aqualyx injections, though it is important that as a candidate for Aqualyx, you are focussed on maintaining an exercise routine and healthy lifestyle to avoid regaining the fat removed by the treatment. Conditions that would exclude you from treatment include: being pregnant or breastfeeding, clinically overweight, or diagnosed with lipodystrophy. Our highly experienced doctors will, however, take you through a thorough consultation before you undergo treatment to assess your suitability and advise you further.

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