Ellanse Filler

The New Class of Dermal Filler

As our skin ages the collagen and elastin that provide its support starts to become depleted and disorganised causing the skin to become lax and sag, often making us look tired and contributing to fine lines and wrinkles. There are lots of ways we can tackle this at Trikwan Aesthetics and one of the most dynamic options is through the new class of dermal filler that is Ellanse. This injectable combines the benefits of a skincare and dermal filler treatment in an innovative two staged process that both restores volume and works at a deeper level to stimulate the body’s own collagen production to maintain that volume.

What actually is Ellanse?
Ellanse filler is composed of a system of microspheres suspended in a carrier gel. The carrier gel consists of Carboxymethylcellulose which provides the initial lift and volume which can be observed immediately after treatment. The microspheres contain as substance called Polycaprolactone, which, alongside the gel providing a physical volume to the areas it is injected, stimulates the collagen production in the skin at the injection site.

Therefore, despite the initial product being degraded naturally over the first 3 months, the beneficial effects of your Ellanse treatment will continue to be felt for up to 4 years as the stimulated collagen production maintains your volume in transformative and long-lasting results.

Does Ellanse have any side effects?
As with any injectable treatment there is the possibility that you may experience some slight bruising or swelling as a result of the injection. Possible severe side effects are similar to those of Hyaluronic Acid based dermal filler injections and are incredibly rare. Ultimately the safety of the product lies in the hands of the injector and our Trikwan doctors are highly trained to minimise these risks, further increasing their rarity. However, we will always thoroughly discuss and address any concerns you may have during your consultation with Dr Sanjay or Dr Zoya at our Harley Street or Mayfair clinic.

Is anyone suitable for Ellanse Fillers?
In short, no, not everyone is suitable for Ellanse Filler treatments and we will need to carry out a detailed consultation with you in-clinic so that we can decide, with you, whether these are the right type of filler for your desired results. The biggest difference between Ellanse Filler and Hyaluronic Acid based dermal fillers, is that Ellanse fillers cannot be dissolved and are much longer lasting, which can be both a positive, or a negative, depending on what result you are looking for. There are additional factors which can make you unsuitable for Ellanse fillers which our doctors will discuss should they apply to you during your in-person consultation.

What should I do next?

Book in with either one of our husband and wife duo, Dr Sanjay Trikha or Dr Zoya Diwan, for your face-to-face consultation where we can discuss all things Ellanse with you more fully, and help you decide whether it is the right option for you!



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