Ensuring a Happy Patient – Consultation

Your one-to-one consultation with Trikwan Aesthetics Doctors Sanjay Trikha and Zoya Diwan will be the most important aspect of your visit to our Harley Street and Mayfair clinics. In this time the doctors aim to gain a clear understanding of what you desire from your appointment, and how best they may achieve your ideal result.

I’m a first timer – What should I expect?

When you enter our clinics, you will be greeted and asked to take a seat in our waiting room where you will be provided with a medical history form to be completed before your appointment begins. You will then be asked to come through to our treatment rooms where Dr Zoya or Dr Sanjay will commence your consultation.

Our accreditation with SaveFace and widespread reputation for performing safe and high-quality treatments helps to reassure many of our nervous first-time patients. However, our thorough consultation process should leave even our most anxious clients feeling at ease and confident in their treatment plan, as Mandy’s story attests to. At Trikwan Aesthetics, it is important that the client is an equal and active partner in the decision-making process that decides the procedures and treatments they opt for, and we endeavour to leave no question unanswered.

In turn, Drs Zoya and Sanjay will ask you questions to gauge your concerns, which areas you would like to focus your treatment and whether you are seeking a restorative treatment, an enhancement treatment, or a mix of the two.

What is a Restorative Vs. an Enhancement treatment?

Broadly speaking, a restorative treatment will replace lost volume** and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. This volume loss can be caused by a number of things, including ageing and smoking, however there are several medical conditions whose aesthetic effects can also be treated using dermal fillers. Learn more about this here. Botulinum Toxin injections are also used in restorative treatments to reduce wrinkles.

Examples of Restorative Treatments:

In an enhancement treatment, filler will be used to create contours and add to existing volume to enhance certain features or balance the profile of the face, all while maintaining a natural looking result. Botulinum Toxin injections can aid in these treatments to relax particular muscles in order to change face shape or drop the top lip, for example in treatment of a Gummy Smile.

Examples of Enhancing Treatments:
Non-surgical Rhinoplasty
Jawline Enhancement
Cheek Fillers

Learn more about restorative and enhancing treatments here.

These two types of treatments and the use of filler and botulinum toxin are combined in many of our bespoke packages

When will we say no?

It is rare that we will turn a patient away, but under certain circumstances, for the safety and care of the patient, our doctors may decide that treatment at that point in time may not be beneficial to the client.

Most often this happens either because we believe treatment may be detrimental to the patient’s mental health, or that the expectations the patient has are above what can be achieved by cosmetic injectables.

Dr Zoya and Dr Sanjay are highly trained to recognise when a patient may be seeking a treatment for unhealthy reasons, as can be the case in a patient with Body Dysmorphic Disorder. If they should suspect BDD during consultation they will ask the client to spend some more time considering their options and seeking mental health advice before going ahead with any treatments.

Your health and safety as a Trikwan Aesthetics patient is our highest priority and we will only ever refuse treatment if our doctors believe that it could be detrimental to you. We will always have your best interests in mind and our award for Best Customer Experience in the My Face My Body Awards demonstrates just that.



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