HIV’S HIDDEN EFFECTS – And How Trikwan Can Treat Them

Many of those living with HIV have to battle with a number of health conditions that are associated with their HIV diagnosis. Some of these effects may be overlooked due to the severity of other conditions and the toll they may take can be overlooked by others. One area which is not commonly discussed is the toll living with HIV can take on your skin and facial appearance.

Here at Trikwan Aesthetics, our highly skilled Husband and Wife Doctor duo, Dr Sanjay Trikha and Dr Zoya Diwan have extensive experience in treating complex aesthetics patients living with other conditions (such as HIV) safely and effectively, in an environment which you trust and is comfortable for you. Our treatments can help you regain lost confidence and replace lost volume to restore your face to the one you remember.


Antiretroviral medications that are taken to help treat HIV can cause what we call HIV-associated facial lipoatrophy, which, in everyday terms, translates as a loss of fat in the face and hands and feet, among other regions. This fat loss can cause a gaunt look to the face, characterised by the increased visibility of underlying bony structures. This fat loss can make many patients feel vulnerable and self-conscious, especially as in the past, these features have been earmarked as indicative of someone who is HIV-positive. When asked about the psychological effects of body shape changes that lipoatrophy has caused, many HIV positive patients have reported having poorer body image and self-esteem, with many saying it has affected their relationships and forced them tell people about their HIV status before they’re ready. Patients have also found that medical professionals have not considered it as important as they find it to be. Here at Trikwan we have a track record for providing excellent support and advice to our clients and we are committed to treating every issue with the same respect and consideration f or its effect on your life; having been nominated for a My Face My Body Award in customer experience, you can be sure that our highly skilled and experienced Doctors Zoya Diwan and Sanjay Trikha, will listen to every one of your concerns and create a treatment plan, with you, that targets exactly what you would like to change to help you find your confidence again.


Dermal Fillers can restore facial fullness lost from facial lipoatrophy in a minimally invasive way. By adding filler to very specific areas of the face where volume has been lost, our Trikwan Doctors Sanjay Trikha and Zoya Diwan can use their artistic hand to return the healthy look of your face, and in turn help rebuild your confidence. Trikwan also offers skincare treatments, Hydro and Hydromax(LINK) which help to return the skins moisture and elasticity, while our Ellanse(LINK) treatment can provide rejuvenating volume for up to 4 years for those clients looking for longevity in their treatment, rather than repeat filler treatments to address their lipoatrophy. As Natural look specialists, our Doctors will thoroughly consult you on the desired result you want to achieve, focussing on revitalising diminished features rather than enhancing beyond your natural, healthy appearance.



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