In a 2019 survey, dark circles and under-eye bags in the tear-trough area were ranked as the 3rd most concerning facial/body aesthetic concern among global respondents, with concerns about wrinkles and dark circles around the eye area making up 2 of the top 3 issues expressed by patients to their aesthetic physicians.

Several lifestyle factors can be adjusted to help reduce the appearance of dark circles, as highlighted in Dr Zoya Diwan’s recent Good Housekeeping Article(LINK), including getting more sleep, increasing your fatty acid intake and using illuminating concealers. However, as Dr Zoya mentions, ‘more and more, patients are getting fed up with using super-high coverage make-up, and instead want to tackle the root of the problem’.

What is ‘The root of the problem’?

Dark circles and wrinkles around the eyes and tear trough have a collection of causes, which can be due to ageing, genetics and your environment; it is an issue that concerns men and women of all ages.

Ageing causes us to lose underlying fat and skin elasticity in our under-eye region, as well as experience a degeneration of connective tissue in this area. This leads to wrinkles, hollowing of the under-eye region, and a darkening of skin tone in the tear trough, which combine to create dark circles and result in the tired, run-down and aged appearance that concerns many of our patients at Trikwan Aesthetics.

So, how can we fix this?

At Trikwan Aesthetics, husband and wife team, Dr Sanjay Trikha and Dr Zoya Diwan specialise in a safe and natural-looking Tear Trough Filler Treatment which rejuvenates the under eye, leaving you with an instantly brighter, younger looking result that lasts up to a year. The treatment, described as ‘transformational’ in Tatler and Asiana Wedding magazines, uses Teosyal Redensity 2 Hyaluronic Acid Filler to improve dark circles in a number of ways:

1. Restoring lost volume by filling out the hollow of the under-eye
2. Smoothing fine lines and wrinkles
3. Improving shadowing through brightening agents included in the filler
4. Improving surface hydration and texture

What is Teosyal Redensity 2, and why is it our product of choice?

At Trikwan Aesthetics, we are not affiliated with any single brand. We select the absolute best product for our patients for each specific treatment area. This specialist Teoxane Hyaluronic Acid Filler is designed specifically for use in under-eye correction and tear-trough treatments, it is one of the few products in the UK licensed for use in the under-eye region. The filler contains a mixture of ingredients, each targeting a different aspect of the dark circle appearance:

  1. A mix of Hyaluronic Acids provide the optimal properties required for filling the tear trough without causing puffiness.
  2. Vitamins restore skin hydration and promote skin cell regeneration.
  3. Antioxidants Glutathione, N-acetyl-L-cysteine and Alphalipolic Acid brighten tear trough skin tone.

Does it hurt, is it safe? – The steps we take to ensure you receive the highest quality…

Apart from extensive knowledge and experience of the tear trough anatomy, risks posed by this treatment are reduced through employing the best injecting techniques and equipment. A blunt-tipped microcannula is used at Trikwan Aesthetics, rather than a normal needle, which means no sharp-objects heading anywhere near your eyes, equalling an almost painless treatment while increasing protection of underlying structures.

Being ‘Uncomfortably Comfortable’, as Dr Sanjay Trikha describes it, the treatment not only carries minimal discomfort, but you can feel so little of the procedure that it makes you unsure anything is even happening! This is the result you should expect when treated by doctors with in-depth knowledge of under-eye anatomy and physiology, and with a journal publication on the subject of tear trough anatomy under their belt, the Trikwan doctors certainly fulfill that criteria. When such extensive knowledge comes with recommendations from Vanity Fair for their reliability in safe, high quality treatment, you can be sure that with Drs Zoya and Sanjay, you are in excellent hands.



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