Hyaluronidase – What To Do If Filler Goes Wrong

We’ve all seen the horror stories that result from the hand of an inexperienced, unqualified or just downright dodgy aesthetics practitioner, whether it be on social media, on E!’s ‘Botched’ or Channel 4’s ‘Bodyfixers’. Over-injected, lumpy or asymmetrical filler, especially in the face, is a scary prospect, and at Trikwan our doctor duo, Dr Zoya Diwan and Dr Sanjay Trikha are highly experienced and trained to ensure that this doesn’t occur to any of our patients. However, not all clinics and practitioners are as scrupulous in their practice, so what should you do if you leave feeling sour about your result?

Depending on your individual situation, and your trust and relationship with your original practitioner, we will start off by encouraging worried clients to discuss their issues with their original doctor as they will have a more complete understanding of your individual patient history and of the treatment performed. However, following an unsatisfactory result some patients will have lost all trust in their original practitioner, or may even suspect that they were in fact unqualified to carry out their filler treatment. If this is the case for you, we will then try to gather as much information as possible about the treatment so our Trikwan doctors can get the best idea of how to move forward with your dissolving and correction. Upon your consultation with us, Dr Trikha or Dr Diwan will ask you all about your original treatment, from the type of filler injected, to the volume used in the area. If you were not informed about this information (which you always should be!) then one of our highly skilled doctors will carry out a consult assessment to gauge an idea of product typ e and volume, and therefore make an informed decision on how much Hyalase would be appropriate for your correction

So, you’ve decided on dissolving your filler, you might be looking for some more information about how filler removal works…

Hyalase is the product we use at Trikwan Aesthetics to dissolve Hyaluronic Acid fillers. Also known as Hyaluronidase, Hyalase is an enzyme that we inject into the site of the HA filler placement, which catalyses the breakdown of the hyaluronic acid based filler. Essentially this catalyst speeds up the natural degradation process that happens to HA filler in your skin, returning the natural shape and volume of your lips, tear trough, nose, cheeks or any other region, treated with HA filler.

What can I expect from my Trikwan Filler Removal and Correction

Dr Zoya or Dr Sanjay will speak with you and fully explore the issues you have with your current filler treatment and how you would like it resolved; whether that be by simply removing the filler and returning to your natural look, or opting for a natural-looking correctional filler treatment after your original filler has fully dissolved, which fulfils the result that you were originally aiming for. Every person’s needs will be very unique to them and their previous treatment and our Trikwan doctors will talk you through the specific options for you during your face-to-face consultation and ensure that any anxieties you may have are addressed before you make a decision. At Trikwan Aesthetics we pride ourselves on ensuring that all our patients leave our clinic feeling full informed, having been empowered to make an educated decision about the treatment that will work best for their needs.



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