The Trikwan Signature Cupid’s Bow Treatment

We all want beautiful lips, but achieving this can be tricky. In recent years, dermal filler injections for the lips have become hugely popular. When it comes to lip fillers London clinics are in especially high demand. Unfortunately some unscrupulous practitioners and silly fads in the media have produced a look which is less than pleasing and can scare some people off having dermal lip fillers.

The all too familiar ‘trout pout’ can occur when too much product is used in the lips and not enough skill or artistry to create a natural-looking shape. This ‘bigger is better’ trend is now fading and what most of us now seek is a youthful, well-shaped lip area with a beautiful, kissable appearance. Cheap, inappropriate products can also lead to shapeless lips. Subtle enhancement with high quality product, skilfully injected to maintain natural proportions. The best treatment is one that isn’t obvious, looks natural and makes you feel fantastic.

“The Very Best…” – Vogue

At Trikwan Aesthetics on Harley Street and Wimpole Street, Dr Sanjay Trikha and Dr Zoya Diwan have revolutionised the aesthetic industry with their signature ‘Cupid’s Bow Treatment’ for lip augmentation to give you naturally beautiful lips. Featured in the press by Vogue, Tatler, The Daily Mail and Allure, this fresh approach to lip enhancement is creating waves.

The Trikwan Approach…

Sanjay and Zoya’s technique focuses on building enhanced definition to the lip area with smaller quantities of premium lip filler to produce the most stunning and natural results. With aesthetic medicine comes the need for great artistry; In an in-depth consultation with your chosen doctor, you’ll discuss your concerns and desired results and will have your facial features and dimensions assessed.

During the treatment, dermal filler is carefully placed along the Cupid’s Bow of your lip line, enhancing the V-shape whilst balancing and enhancing the top and bottom lip. The philtrum columns above the top lip which lie beneath the nose are also enhanced, creating a beautifully pronounced curvature of the lips without the need for huge amounts of product.

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Dr Trikha and Dr Diwan have mastered and perfected this technique over many years and just like fine artists, are passionate about achieving stunning results their patients are delighted with. If you are seeking a defined lip shape with more volume but without looking fake or overdone, this technique will suit your requirements perfectly.

Seeking the best lip fillers London has to offer? Arrange a consultation to talk about dermal fillers for the lips with one of the doctors here at Trikwan Aesthetics – contact us on 07305 058349, or book online today.


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