Masculinisation of jawline

For years it has been pretty well accepted that a strong, sharp jaw is one of the major factors in determining traditional attractiveness. Look in any magazine and you’ll find it a common feature amongst almost all male models and our favourite superhero actors. Now, with the rise of injectable fillers, we can create this look in just about every man who is missing out on that famous square jawline.

Trikwan Aesthetics has established itself as an expert in this type of jawline enhancement, with The Mirror having written a piece on the transformation of one of our patients back in 2018; and recently we have had yet another fantastic result that we couldn’t be prouder of. It’s all down to the highly trained expertise and artistry of our Trikwan Doctors, husband and wife duo, Dr Zoya Diwan and Dr Sanjay Trikha.


The masculine angular jawline actually has a scientific basis behind why it has become one of our most traditionally attractive features in men? Evolutionarily, that sharp near-120 degree jawline is associated with high testosterone levels, these levels can put pressure on the immune system, meaning those possessing them ordinarily are very healthy and more resistant to disease. As a result, a strong jawline has meant better survival prospects for any children and so natural selection has made it one of our favourite masculine features. It’s no wonder that, with the taboos around men seeking out aesthetics procedures lessening, we are seeing more and more male patients requesting this particular treatment.

Like Jack, who received our Jawline treatment back in 2018, most of these patients come to us with softer, often more boy-ish features, seeking to square out their jawline. Dr Sanjay or Dr Zoya will start every one of these consultations by exploring the reasons for you attending our clinic and to educate you on the treatment you are most interested in. Therefore, every Trikwan patient leaves feeling fully informed about the treatment they’ve received. We will then explore the best option we can use to achieve your desired jawline result and will then map out the angles and contours of your face to aid us in designing the best injection plan for your needs. Then comes the injection of the dermal filler, our doctors prefer to use Teoxane RHA 4 and Ultra Deep fillers which is placed in the angle of the jaw to create a more severe, squared look and to fill the jaw out to the level of the cheek bones. Being a more extensive transformation, this procedure usually requires a higher quantity of filler, somewhere in the range of 4-6mls, to achieve the general desired look. However, using the aforementioned dermal fillers means that these results will last up to 2 years, meaning far fewer trips back to see us for this particular concern.

The result leaves our clients feeling empowered, increasing their confidence and helping them to feel more attractive; and this is why it is one of our favourite treatments to carry out at our Harley Street and Mayfair clinics.


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