SMOKING’S HIDDEN AFFECTS – And How Trikwan Can Treat Them

Many of us know the typical affects ageing has on our skin, including loss of volume, elasticity and moisture but did you know that smoking speeds up all of these affects? This means that smoking causes your skin to age faster than it would as a non-smoker. However, this can be combatted through a range of cosmetic and aesthetics treatments here at Trikwan Aesthetics.


Smoking causes something we call ‘Precocious skin ageing’ which is a prematurely aged appearance of the skin. This is particularly noticeable in the face and can be especially socially distressing to those affected by it.

The substances within a cigarette both decrease the production of collagen and increase the breakdown of existing collagen in the skin, two major factors in accelerating the ageing process of the skin. This, among other factors, can lead to a ‘smoker’s face’ which is characterised by prominent wrinkles, gaunt facial features, prominent bony contours, and a loss of volume within the skin, which often appears to have a greyish hue. There is also evidence to suggest that the smoke inhaled from vaping e-cigarettes can cause the same effects.


Anti-wrinkle Injectionsand Dermal fillers can be used to reduce the appearance of those premature wrinkles. If you are concerned about wrinkles and loss of volume affecting the area around the mouth and lips, restorative Lip Fillers could be the treatment for you, returning the youthful volume and smooth appearance of your lips while maintaining that all-important natural look.

Dermal Fillers used in carefully placed areas elsewhere in the face would be able to address any concerns about the gaunt appearance of the face and prominent bony contours. We offer our Facial Contouring bespoke package as a treatment for you and designed by you, with our Trikwan Doctors Sanjay Trikha and Zoya Diwan.

If you are looking to tackle the underlying problems smoking has caused to the skin, or are looking to reduce that greyish hue, then our Ellanse, Profhilo, Hydro and Hydromax or OBAGI skin care products and treatments may be more suitable for you. Ellanse and Profhilo are skin remodelling treatments which will restore lost volume to your skin while naturally helping regenerate collagen in the skin to restore your youthful appearance. Hydro and Hydromax, on the other hand, will help replace the skins moisture and elasticity which are lost due to the effects of smoking. OBAGI is a range of medical grade skin care regimes that will help return the brightness and clarity that has been lost and can help reduce the appearance of that greyish hue that the skin takes on as a result of cigarette smoke. Which product is most suitable for you will depend on your individual needs and can be decided during our thorough consultation process.



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