The Cupid’s Bow Couple

Dr Sanjay Trikha and Dr Zoya Diwan are two celebrity aesthetic doctor’s making a splash in the industry, garnering buzz for starting numerous new aesthetic trends, whilst being championed for their bespoke range of natural looking treatments. The dynamic duo, who have recently been profiled in pretty much every major beauty outlet going such as Vogue, Allure Magazine, Vanity Fair, Tatler and The Daily Mail, have been hailed for championing natural looking results at their clinic and been credited by The Daily Mail as starting a new ‘craze’ in a slew of aesthetic procedures. In our first ever blog post, we detail a little more about Trikwan Aesthetics, the beginnings of the Trikwan team and the conception of one of their most popular treatments.

Dr Zoya Diwan of the Cupoid's Bow Couple at the Shard

Where it all started…

The talented two-some, Sanjay Trikha and Zoya Diwan met at University while studying medicine, and quickly became inseparable; sharing a love for dance, fashion and family. The couple often discussed their shared dreams of opening up their own clinic in world renowned Harley Street, during their early days at University and often researched upcoming aesthetic treatments, tweaks and trends in their spare time.

After starting their earlier careers working at the NHS, the doctor’s set about making their dream a reality, founding Trikwan Aesthetics, and quickly making a name for themselves for natural looking, yet transformative results. Soon buzz surrounding the doctor’s won them a coveted spot in Vogue with their signature treatment the ‘Cupid’s Bow’ lip. What is interesting to note is that the romantically titled treatment was in part conceptualised during the planning of their own romantic union; their stunning 2016 wedding which took place at The Natural History museum and the iconic Shard building.

During the build up to her own big day, Dr Zoya Diwan noticed that a number of fellow brides were coming to the clinic requesting a subtle beauty lip tweak for their own wedding, yet were worried that lip fillers would simply look ‘too fake’. It seemed perfect timing to create a new style of lip treatment which would look subtle in wedding pictures and enhance the shape of the lip. And so, Zoya and Sanjay set about creating a beautiful lip look which would look fabulous in pictures, and enhance the lip line; reducing the need for a reliance on lip liner, which would often smudge and fade during a long day of festivities.

Indeed, by focusing on building the Cupid’s bow with delicate placing of filler, the final look aimed for a shapely lip which would completely negate the need for lip liner. After the launch of the treatment word soon spread, and many a bride visited the couple after their wedding, praising the treatment which ensured their pout looked picture perfect throughout their special day.

Since its conception, the treatment has been a huge hit with women of all ages, and still remains a huge hit with brides. More recently, leading wedding magazine Asiana requested to cover the treatment due to widespread talk of this new beauty treatment building buzz on the bridal scene.

Dr Sanjay Trikha and Dr Zoya Diwan - The Cupid's Bow Couple in the Natural History Museum


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