The Trikwan Charity Ball 2019 – An interview with the Doctors!

This year, the doctors of Trikwan Aesthetics, Dr Sanjay Trikha and Dr Zoya Diwan, decided to start 2019 by throwing a fundraiser for Alzheimer’s Society and Dementia UK.

They were interviewed by Alex of the Web Marketing Clinic to give us an insight into the charity event!

What a fantastic idea and cause! What made you decide to go ahead with the Trikwan Charity Ball, and why these particular causes?

Thank you! As a team, we decided a charity fundraiser would be a really fun way to start the year as it would be a new challenge and all for a good cause! An annual ball is something we have always wanted to do for various charities, and this was our first ever one.

We specifically decided on two charities: Alzheimer’s Society and Dementia UK. While working in NHS hospitals, we have had first-hand experience working in both geriatrics and psychiatry, and have seen the suffering of both patients and families for those who suffer from these conditions. By choosing two charities, the aim was to support one charity who focussed more on directly helping families of those with suffering relatives (Dementia UK), and one charity which was more focussed on research for the future (Alzheimer’s Society).

How did the event go?

We thoroughly enjoyed it! We had representatives of both charities who gave presentations, which were really informative, to help raise awareness. We received a lot of good feedback from those who attended the event which we really appreciated. We had magicians, comedians, live music, DJ and professional dancer to name a few things!

So what was the total raised then?

From the event itself, activities on the day such as the raffle, and a donation from Trikwan Aesthetics, we have raised in total £3,000 to be presented to the charities.

Finally, will we be seeing more charity work in the future?

Absolutely. We are thrilled that our first charity event went as smoothly and will undoubtedly be looking to do more charity work in the future. We are grateful to every single person who attended or donated towards the cause. We hope you all enjoyed the event!

Images from Trikwan’s Charity Ball


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