Trikwan’s Obagi Skincare Consultations: Your Questions Answered

How can I still be treated at Trikwan during the unprecedented circumstances faced due to COVID-19?
In these unprecedented times with the COVID-19 pandemic having affected so many of our clients and fellow aesthetics clinics, we have been working hard at Trikwan to find ways we can still provide our excellent services to our beloved clients. We are excited to announce that we are now able to post Obagi skincare products, prescribed by our Trikwan Doctors. We will be providing telephone, skype or facetime consultations, ensuring that you still receive the same level of highly qualified and experienced clinical service as you would expect when you walk through our Harley Street or Mayfair Clinic doors.

What is Obagi?

Obagi is a world-renowned provider of the highest quality medical grade skincare products. For over 30 years they have been providing deeply researched, transformative skincare treatments to address a multitude of skincare concerns. Obagi at-home skincare systems are prescribed, medical grade skincare regimes that tackle skincare with a multi-levelled approach; aiming to treat visible problem areas at the surface, and at deeper levels of the skin to leave you with a rejuvenated and youthful looking result. These systems consist of a variety of products that work together to address your concerns and achieve the full skin transformation you are looking for.

What can it treat?

Obagi skincare systems are aimed at treating a multitude of skincare concerns, including, but not limited to: hyperpigmentation, adult acne, fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, effects of photoaging and static lines caused by toxin treatments. Read our blog(LINK-blog) or treatment page(LINK) for more information on all the following treatments.

There are 5 Skincare Systems that our Doctors might decide is right for you:

1. Obagi Nu-Derm: For full skin transformation, especially targeting hyperpigmentation and melasma, fine lines and wrinkles, and adult acne.

2. Obagi-C: For full skin transformation, especially targeting hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, and effects of photoaging.

3. Obagi 360: For active preservation of healthy, youthful skin, especially targeting early signs of aging, uneven skin tone and loss of radiance.

4. Obagi CLENZIderm M.D.: Specifically formulated to combat acne, focussing on tackling acne at the source, reducing the appearance of open pores, treating side effects from other acne medications and tackling oily skin.

5. Obagi ELASTIderm: A targeted treatment for concerns around the eye area, especially focussing on reducing the appearance of upper and lower eye wrinkles, skin laxity, puffiness, and static lines caused by botulinum toxin treatment.

Depending on your skin type, concerns, and the Skincare system that is best for you, our Trikwan Doctors might also prescribe one of Obagi’s Hydrate® Moisturisers, Sun Protection or Retinol or Tretinoin creams to compliment your regime and help you gain the best results.

How will the telephone/skype/facetime skincare consultations work?

These consultations will work just like our in clinic face to face consultations, meaning you will receive exactly the same high quality experience as you would at our Harley Street or Mayfair clinics. During your consultation, our highly experienced doctors will talk with you about all of your skincare concerns, identifying what issues you would like to address with your skincare routine, before creating a personalised Obagi skincare regime that will target your specific concerns.

How will posting of products (incl. prescriptions) work, do I have to pick them up?

You will not have to pick up any items from a pharmacy as, with the Direct To Patient service, all products, including prescription products, will be posted directly to your home address. There will be a £5 delivery charge for your items which, along with the cost of your unique skincare regime, will need to be paid for before we can arrange delivery of the products

How can I book in for an appointment?

To book in for a telephone/skype/facetime consultation for our Obagi skincare treatment delivery service, please send an email or give us a ring on the following contact details:

– Email:
– Phone: 07305058349

Or alternatively, contact us via Instagram:
– Dr Zoya Diwan: @dr_zoyadiwan
– Dr Sanjay Trikha: @dr.sanjaytrikha

Where can I find more information?

More information about all of the Obagi Skincare treatments we are offering are available on our website treatment pages(LINK- obagi treatment page), on our blog(LINK-other blog post on obagi) or, alternatively, you can contact us using the details above if you have any specific questions.

Will online consultations continue once our clinics reopen?

We will be constantly monitoring the COVID-19 situation as it develops and continually update the information about when our clinics will reopen on our website. Once we are able to reopen again, we will be returning to face-to-face in-clinic appointments for all of our Obagi Skincare treatment consultations, alongside all of the other treatments we offer.


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