At Trikwan Aesthetics, safety and high-quality results are our top priority, which is why in almost 100% of all of the treatments we perform, our patients will walk away from Trikwan Aesthetics with no other thought than of how happy they are with their results. The most any of our clients may have to worry…

At Trikwan Aesthetics, safety and high-quality results are our top priority, which is why in almost 100% of all of the treatments we perform, our patients will walk away from Trikwan Aesthetics with no other thought than of how happy they are with their results. The most any of our clients may have to worry about is a small amount of swelling and bruising that will die down within a week or two. But what happens if things don’t go quite to plan? And what can we do to help resolve these issues? In this post we will go through some of the infrequent complications we see in clinic and the steps we take, and advise our patients to take, to avoid them.

Bleeding, Bruising and Swelling

Bleeding and consequent bruising is highly dependent on the type of treatment you have in clinic. The majority of our treatments are low risk and any bruising that you might experience should likely settle down within 2-3 days depending on the individual. We always say that the 2-week post-treatment mark is when you should see the final result of your fillers, with all bruising and swelling having disappeared by then. For this reason, we make sure during our consultation process to thoroughly consult you on any big events you may have coming up and we would never treat anyone who has a big life event coming up within 14 days of treatment. At Trikwan we care about you looking the best for yourself and being happy with the result you receive; if you are planning a treatment in time for such a life event, such as your wedding, we would always recommend coming in 4-6 weeks beforehand so that we can put together a comprehensive treatment plan that makes sure that you look your best for your big day.

Should you have any concerns post-treatment, please get in touch via the contact details provided on your after-care information email. We will always offer you a review so that we can assess your result and make sure that you are completely happy. Though it’s highly unlikely, if you do notice any swelling that persists beyond two weeks, or any discolouration or redness in the area beyond this time period, we would advise you to give us a quick message or ring so that we can fit you into an appointment to assess you and help put your mind at ease.

Infection, scarring, abscess

These possible complications can be avoided by thoroughly following your aftercare plan which will be provided after your appointment. We will take you through all the do’s and don’ts during your appointment to ensure that you fully understand how to best take care of yourself once you have left our Harley Street or Mayfair clinics. Our number 1 concern is our clients applying makeup immediately after treatment as this is the worst thing that could introduce infection into the treatment area. It is always better to wait at least 4-6 hours, or even a day to apply any makeup so that we can eliminate the risk of any infection. For details of our other aftercare recommendations, check your aftercare email or, if you have yet to visit us in-clinic, head over to this fantastic video where Dr Sanjay and Dr Zoya give you their top tips.


While satisfaction is never guaranteed, we do everything we can to ensure you will be happy by carrying out a detailed and realistic consultation prior to undertaking any treatment. During this time we will gauge exactly what result you are looking for, and discuss with you how and if we can achieve it. We will then fully inform you on the treatment and how it works, giving you a clear treatment plan that we will follow, whether that be over one session, or multiple. Ultimately, we will always work with you to help you attain the best results, and we will always keep you fully informed of the result you should expect when leaving our clinic. It is this attention to detail that has had Trikwan Aesthetics nominated for our Customer Experience at the My Face My Body Awards.

If, after your treatment, you are not totally satisfied with your result, we can work with you to help match or, if necessary, adjust your expectations. Worst comes to worst, we are able to dissolve your filler treatment using Hyalase; we also offer this service if you have had an unsatisfactory result performed elsewhere which you would like dissolved.

Scary complications (Avascular necrosis and Blindness)

Just as it is important to be aware of the risks of any medical procedure, it is equally important for our clients to be aware of the risks of dermal filler treatments. However, these complications are incredibly rare. Avascular necrosis is reported in only 0.001% of cases worldwide and only 1 case of HA filler has led to blindness in the UK.

These complications are reduced by having a practitioner that is well qualified and accredited, like our highly qualified Doctors Zoya Diwan and Sanjay Trikha. Our doctors use the safest techniques to minimise the risk of any of these complications. In-clinic we use the highest quality products and we also use blunt-tipped cannulas in areas of high risk to massively reduce the chance of the needle piercing any blood vessels and injecting any filler product into the vessel. In the highly unlikely event that this might happen, our doctors are highly experienced and will be able to recognise the signs immediately and act to reverse any effects by dissolving your filler and taking the necessary steps to make sure that you are looked after (whether that is to treat you in clinic or take you to a hospital environment where you may be treated better).

The main take-away is the importance of choosing your practitioner carefully. By ensuring that you are in experienced and highly qualified hands you can rest easy knowing no matter whether or not you experience any type of complication, you will be in safe hands that understand how to manage any type of complication.


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The most professional, down to earth, friendly aestheticians I could of wished for. I was pretty hesitant to get anything done to my face as I didn’t want the typical over done ‘instagram’ look.

I wasn’t pressured into doing anything outright and was told about all the possible options I could take and the differences between them and what would suit me. I have had two sessions and over that time, I am beyond pleased with the the results! Dr Zoya has masterfully kept my face the same but just enhanced and corrected things certain in places.

Would definitely recommend if you want a realistic, subtle, natural yet major improvement to any problem areas.


What our patients really think...

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Visited Trikwan today in London from NYC and it was such a pleasure. Tammy the office manager was so super helpful and nice, she made the whole booking process very easy and was happy to answer any/ all questions. Both Drs were amazing, friendly and professional. They really took the time to work with me and discuss all my needs and wants. I highly recommend this establishment and will be going back! A+