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6 in 1 facials that deep cleanse; exfoliate; extract impurities from the skin using a gentle hydradermabrasion technique; detox with lymphatic drainage; gentle peel; and finally, hydrate to result in overall skin rejuvenation. All Trikwan Bespoke Hydrafacials include these 6 steps but each bespoke option has additional elements designed to target specific concerns.

This multi-award winning technology with our signature Trikwan bespoke touch is suitable for all skin types and for a range of skin concerns. With all facials you will physically see the “gunk” that has been extracted, which is so satisfying and allows you to physically see the success of your treatment, everytime! Most have zero downtime with immediate radiant results in a painless, relaxing and effective individualised facial.

Each of the below facials can be adjusted to suit your skin needs and do not form an exhaustive list of skin concerns that we are able to target with our more bespoke facials. Contact us or book a consultation to learn more about what your bespoke treatment plan will involve.

Trikwan - Skin Maintenance Bundle

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Trikwan - Acne Scarring Plus Package

Facials Prices & Packages

Acne Scarring Plus Package

Trikwan - PRX Peel

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Trikwan - Skin Resurfacing Facial Bundle

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Trikwan Skin Resurfacing Facial Bundle

Who is a Trikwan patient?

Many of our patients are first time patients, brand new to the idea of getting a tweakment. We understand more than most the key importance of ensuring a natural looking result. “The secret to a good treatment is one that no one can tell you’ve had done, apart from yourself”.

If YOU can tell someone has had work done, it perhaps has not been done too well? The best approach is always to start very subtle. You can always build up slowly from subtle, but it’s hard to go backwards from overdoing it. It’s our responsibility to ensure we use the least possible to give the best result for you, based on your concerns.

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What our patients really think...

I have always been too scared to get fillers before however, that fear completely disappeared after my first visit.

Dr Sanjay made me feel relaxed (which is challenging enough during Covid!), really listened to my concerns and gave me super clear advice to address my concerns. This ultimately lead to me to feeling confident in my decision of treatment and extremely happy with the results! I cannot recommend both Dr Sanjay and Dr Zoya highly enough! They are amazing and I will definitely be going back.


What our patients really think...

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After following their work for some time, I finally made an appointment with this dream team and it was well worth the 3 hour journey. The procedure was quick, painless and the results astonishing. A professional but friendly practice. Thank you so much!