There is a £10 COVID surcharge applied for all bookings, including reviews. This is the cost of implementing a COVID secure, infection control, public health England and environmental health compliant service and clinic pathway is far in excess of £10 per patient. This includes, but not limited to, a number of new implementations including extended appointment times, extra cleaning per patient and of the whole building daily, extra staff for temperature checks, cleaning and ensuring social distancing in communal areas, PPE for patients including a new Surgical mask (not one that has been used outdoors, as in accordance with official environmental health and CQC guidelines), shoe coverings, apron, hand sanitizer. We need to ensure the clinic is as clean and COVID free environment as possible for all patients and staff. 

We are excited to announce we can post Obagi Skincare products, including prescription items, directly to your home address; now is the perfect time to start your skin transformation. This is good for multiple skin conditions where treatment can take 6-16 weeks, for example acne, scarring, pigmentation. Please find the following link for more information on medical grade and cosmetic skin care for you to use at home:

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