At Trikwan Aesthetics we always find our patient stories to be the most inspiring. Many patients come to the Trikwan clinic having never even set foot in a nail salon before due to deep insecurities, resulting anxiety over aspects of their appearance. We always see it as an absolute honour when nervous patients choose to…

At Trikwan Aesthetics we always find our patient stories to be the most inspiring.

Many patients come to the Trikwan clinic having never even set foot in a nail salon before due to deep insecurities, resulting anxiety over aspects of their appearance. We always see it as an absolute honour when nervous patients choose to put their trust in us; we find that a majority of our lovely clients do to widespread knowledge of our expertise, and time working in the NHS.

We always advise our nervous patients of Trikwan Aesthetics accreditation with SaveFace; the only Government backed scheme to approve the very safest practitioners in the aesthetic industry. This assures clients that at our clinic, their comfort and safety is an absolute priority.

To give a better insight into our patients and their journey, we wanted to share a story today of Mandy who like many of our client’s had spent some time experiencing anxiety over her appearance prior to attending Trikwan. Mandy has confessed to be one of our most nervous patients prior to attending her appointment but felt immediately at ease when attending our Harley Street Clinic. After leaving Trikwan Aesthetics, Mandy wrote to tell us about her life changing results.

Mandy’s Story:

Mandy came to us at the beginning of the year, struggling with many years of built-up insecurities over her skin, and recent worries over the toll that extreme weight-loss had taken on her face.

When we sat down with Mandy she explained that while she was once the life and soul of the party, she had found that her dramatically changing features had hit on her confidence and her desire to socialise with friends. In her own words, Mandy tells us a little more about her truly remarkable Trikwan Transformation.

“I came to see Doctor Zoya Diwan and Doctor Sanjay Trikha at their Harley Street clinic after feeling really down about the change in my face after losing a dramatic amount of weight. I felt that it prematurely aged me. I was so disappointed after spending a long time dieting to find that while my figure had improved, my face was left looking deflated with drooping jowls, and hollowed out under eyes and cheeks.

What didn’t help, was that my youth spent in the sun and abusing sun beds had also left me with a large amount of sun spots and fine lines around my forehead and eyes. I had decided that enough was enough; my confidence had taken such a nose dive and I wanted to treat myself to some subtle tweaks after working so hard to change my lifestyle for the better.

I had chosen to go to Trikwan Aesthetics after spending months looking at their amazing transformations of patients online. I felt that unlike many aesthetic practitioners on Instagram, their work looked very natural, which was important to me. Something else which really helped to reassure me was seeing that the doctors were both former NHS doctors, which I knew meant that they would always have their patient’s safety as a paramount.

The day I attended the clinic I was very nervous and both Zoya and Sanjay helped me to feel at ease straight away. Dr Zoya Diwan sat down with me for a good forty minutes to get a thorough understanding of each area of concern and went on to explain in detail her recommendations alongside what after care was needed.

I was quite surprised to hear that subtle filler placement could address my facial fat loss as well as lift my jowl area which was something that I felt that I could only achieve with more invasive surgical treatments. Dr Diwan also recommended a skin care plan to address my dark spots and help to smooth coarser areas of my skin.

What also impressed me is that Dr Diwan did not sugar coat the fact that the skin care plan would take work and persistence on my part. If I committed to a three-month daily routine, applying a number of high quality products Dr Diwan had prescribed, I was promised that the pay-off would be worth it.

After my consultation I spent around a further thirty minutes undergoing the treatment Dr Diwan and Dr Trikha had recommended. Prior to the appointment the thought of injections caused me a great deal of anxiety, however the doctors took time to reassure me that I would have a good deal of topical anaesthetic applied, meaning that the needle would feel no worse a small pinch-like sting. After the first couple of injections, I was surprised that the process was more than bearable and immediately relaxed.

At the end of my treatment I was handed a mirror to review the outcome, and could see a dramatic change in my jowl area. The doctors promised that the newly lifted jowl and replaced facial volume would only get better in upcoming weeks.

As promised the change in my face was completely astounding. I couldn’t be happier with my new line free complexion which was already started to glow from weeks of my newly dedicated skin care routine and small amounts of Botox. The fat loss I had experienced in my face had been completely rejuvenated with artfully-placed filler administered by Dr Diwan and Dr Trikha and overall, I simply looked, younger, fresher and glowing.

After many months of continuing my skin treatment my dark spots have completely vanished. While I know it is important to commit to applying sun cream on a daily basis to maintain results – the transformation has really been one hundred percent worth it and I feel like a new woman.

I can’t thank the Trikwan team enough for not only my wonderful results, but taking the time to help me feel comfortable and reassured in their care.

Doctor Zoya Diwan notes:

We conducted on a number of treatments on Mandy which helped with her concerns of facial fat loss and lower facial sagging around the jowl area.

To help lift the lower face area we lifted the cheek area with around 2ml of Juvederm filler, which typically lasts around twelve months.

To stop the pull on the lower jowl area, we injected small amounts of Botox in the neck bands to inhibit these muscles which can often pull down and enhance the look of jowls.

We also focused on the under-eye area with subtle tear-trough filler to help fill the deep under eye hollows, typically attributed with slimmer clients and those who have lost a significant amount of weight. We also find that this treatment is perfect for those suffering from dark under eye circles.

Following up on the initial treatments, we recommended a mild facial peel and a course of Obagi skin care which completely transforms the surface of the skin and deeper layers to help soften any lines and dramatically transform the appearance of any dark spots or spots of discolouration.

We are absolutely delighted with the results that Mandy has achieved and even happier that the transformation has helped her to feel more confident after her amazing weight loss.”

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What our patients really think...

The most professional, down to earth, friendly aestheticians I could of wished for. I was pretty hesitant to get anything done to my face as I didn’t want the typical over done ‘instagram’ look.

I wasn’t pressured into doing anything outright and was told about all the possible options I could take and the differences between them and what would suit me. I have had two sessions and over that time, I am beyond pleased with the the results! Dr Zoya has masterfully kept my face the same but just enhanced and corrected things certain in places.

Would definitely recommend if you want a realistic, subtle, natural yet major improvement to any problem areas.


What our patients really think...

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Visited Trikwan today in London from NYC and it was such a pleasure. Tammy the office manager was so super helpful and nice, she made the whole booking process very easy and was happy to answer any/ all questions. Both Drs were amazing, friendly and professional. They really took the time to work with me and discuss all my needs and wants. I highly recommend this establishment and will be going back! A+