Each treatment in your Acne Scarring Plus Package will be bespoke to what your skin requires at the time of treatment, and will form part of a treatment plan between you and your therapist.

The Package

This Package Includes:

4 bespoke acne facials

3 Morpheus8 treatments, 6 weeks apart, using the following treatment regime:

Week 1:

Acne facial

Week 3:

Morpheus 8 acne treatment

Week 5:

Acne facial

Week 7:

Morpheus 8 acne treatment 2

Week 9:

Acne facial

Week 11:

Final Morpheus 8 acne treatment

Week 13:

Final maximum-strength acne facial

PLUS: Obagi Nu-derm/Tretinoin Skincare Regime after a personalised, Doctor-led assessment.



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  • From £2600

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So happy I found Trikwan Aesthetics! Both Dr Sanjay and Dr Zoya made me feel so comfortable and didn’t rush anything at all! Complete professionals and amazing natural looking results! I really appreciate all their Covid measures too as everything felt so clean and safe. I would highly recommended!


What our patients really think...

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I have been seeing Dr Zoya for nearly 3 years. I trust her with every aesthetic procedure and always leave feeling so much better about myself. She is honest and caring and fabulous at what she does. I wouldn’t put my face in anyone else’s hands ❤️


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