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Valmont Signature SPA treatments build on their 35 year history of Swiss skin care expertise to provide the ultimate experience of relaxation and luxury in the Valmont Luminosity Facial Massage.

The Valmont Luminosity Ritual – Luminosity of Ice aims to refine the skin’s texture and bring about the glow of a unified complexion. This massage is grounded in facial reflexology, targeting organs in the face involved in detoxification, and focusing on the areas of the face that will brighten the skin and reveal radiant smoother skin with fewer irregularities. Valmont’s spectrophotometric studies reveal improved glow of 70.1% after just one facial.

The ritual starts with a 15-minute cleanse using Valmont’s unique method. This part of the ritual cleanses the face to provide a blank canvas that can soak up to benefits of the treatment.The body of the ritual is where the Valmont Luminosity experience reveals its technical excellence. This 45-minute facial reflexology massage uses millimetric precision and circular pointed pressure to target detoxification through specific areas of the face.

The 15-minute cleanse involves the following products:


Bi Falls:

uses glacial spring water, pre and probeautics to remove waterproof eye makeup while balancing the skin’s microbiome.

Icy Falls:

a refreshing combination of glacial spring water, pre and probeautics are fomulated into a cleansing jelly that leaves complexion clear and glowing.


uses Papaya extract and Glycolic acid (AHA) to refine the skin’s texture, purging the epidermis of dead cells to boost the skin’s glow.

Bubble Falls + Lumipeel:

uses glacial spring water, pre and probeautics this balancing cleansing foam starts the final cleanse lefts any remaining dirt and grime residue from the skin. This formula is elevated with the addition of LUMIPEEL resurfacing peeling lotion.

Vital Falls:

Hamamelis, Calendula and Chamomile extract combine to create an invigorating and softening toner that soothes the skin.

Primary Veil:

the final step of the cleanse, this prepping mist uses jojoba esters, Zurzach water, lithium rich swiss thermal water and the LP FOS complex to refresh the skin and prepare it for the ritual.

During the massage the following products and techniques are used to enhance the hydrating benefits of this treatment:

Lumi Boost Concentrate:

this ultra-potent massage serum uses white mulberry ad fruit acids and enzymes to suffuse the skin with brightening and exfoliating ingredients.

Regenerating Mask Treatment:

uses 100% medical grade collagen and mucopolysaccharides, this mask instensively hydrates the skin, soothing any redness, smoothing out wrinkles and rejuvenating tired features.

Shoulder Massage:

while the regenerating mask treatment is working its magic, your therapist will provide a supremely relaxing shoulder massage.

Targeted Selection Of Final Products:

your therapist will select a targeted succession of 7 Valmont products to suit your skin and steep it in hydrating and anti-ageing ingredients.

Hand Massage:

the massage concludes with an expert hand massage to leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Trikwan - Profhilo
Trikwan - Obagi Daily Hydro Drops
Trikwan - Obagi Daily Hydro Drops

Additional Add-ons

cost £40

15 Minute Add On

Take your Complete Valmont Luminosity Ritual to an Intensive Valmont Luminosity Ritual with this 15 minute add on. This extra indulgence will help to lock in all the benefits of your 60 minute complete ritual to maximise the rejuvenating and hydrating features of this 75 minute luxurious facial and massage treatment.

Simple Facials

Tailored to your skin

Trikwan - Teosyal Puresense Redensity I

Every one of our Trikwan Facials is tailored to suit your individual skin requirements. You will have a detailed consultation with your skin specialist therapist where we will design the best Facial treatment plan for you. One of our Valmont or Obagi Simple facials or Skin Peels may be the best option for you, or your plan may combine our Facial options and technologies in the form of our Trikwan Bespoke Facials with Hydrafacial technology. Your therapist may also recommend a more extensive, longer-term treatment plan comprised of a bespoke Facial Package or Bundle tailored to your skin.

The Valmont Luminosity of Ice Facial is a Luxurious Facial Massage using High End Valmont Skincare products, and is a Simple Grade treatment option for:

Trikwan - Non-surgical Nose Job

Treatment FAQs

Q.  Why Valmont?

Valmont Spa is the ultimate brand in luxury exclusive skincare. Sold in Harrods and The Dorchester, Trikwan Aesthetics is privileged to be selected by Valmont to be one of the few UK clinics to sell the luxury Valmont Skincare range and their repertoire of luxury facial massages. Born from the 35 year medical tradition passed down in the Swiss Valmont Clinic, Valmont Skincare and Spa ranges exhibit exclusive treatment protocols that ensure immediate effectiveness. Their range of luxury products and treatments will leave you rejuvenated, relaxed and ready to face the world.

Q.  What makes Valmont special?

Valmont uses the highest quality ingredients inspired by its swiss heritage to formulate the most luxurious products on the market. Valmont have developed their iconic ‘Butterfly motion’ and ‘fleet-fingered’ style of massage movements, choreographed precisely to guide the skin’s metamorphosis to absolute beauty. That Valmont method leaves the skin visibly transformed, radiant and plump, fresh and glowing. Valmont massage facials create an augmented experience through the soothing sounds of the swiss mountains and the therapeutic frequencies played by the swiss musician Ripperton, who has partnered with Valmont to elevate their treatments.

Q.  How often should I have a Valmont Facial?

We recommend monthly facials to maintain the rejuvenated feel and level of relaxation in the skin.

Q.  Treatment, Travelling and Big Events

Valmont facial treatments involve absolutely no downtime so does not require the same time considerations that other treatments may need in the run up to travel or big events. Regardless, we would always recommend making us aware of any holidays or events you have coming up when you book in so that we can consider that when booking you in for the most appropriate date.

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Please see Prices for further information on all our pricing options.

  • From £200
    60 minute facial


What our patients really think...

I have discovered the best practitioners in the field. They have been looking after my youthful appearance for over two years now and I am so happy with their professionalism. Always making sure that I achieve the natural look with the best bespoke service.I am recommending them to everyone that’s looking for one of the best aesthetic service in London.


What our patients really think...

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After my first treatment with Dr Zoya Diwan I can safely say this is one of the best experiences I have had in a medical setting. We had a long discussion about what look I wanted to achieve and how best to achieve it, also the benefits and disadvantages of the products they offer. I was also given the opportunity to go away, think about all topics discussed. However I went ahead as I was completely confident in her technical knowledge and manner. Dr Zoya Diwan was extremely gentle and now after a month I am extremely happy with the results and would not think about going elsewhere for treatment! I also have to mention Tammy, PA to Dr Zoya Diwan and Dr Sanjay Trikha is absolute gold, so on the ball and extremely attentive. As a sidenote – the new COVID precautions are exemplary.



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