Sculptra is an injectable treatment which is renowned for targeting and improving the appearance of ageing skin for over 2 years following treatment.

Sculptra is an injectable collagen biostimulator composed of Poly-L Lactic Acid. After the age of 20, we lose an estimated 1% collagen per year, contributing to volume loss and other effects that cause the visible ageing process of our skin. Sculptra tackles these effects by stimulating collagen production in the skin, and therefore improving the skin’s elasticity, texture and radiance. It does this through recruiting fibroblasts to the areas where it is injected. In turn these fibroblasts deposit new collagen into areas which have been depleted of collagen by the ageing process. What makes Sculptra really special is its long-lasting efficacy, with wrinkles and skin quality having been clinically proven to remain improved for 25 months after treatment.

While many of us reach for your traditional topical creams and serums that claim to boost collagen production, Sculptra, as an injectable treatment, is able to enact its effects deep within the dermis to cause structural remodelling of the skin. 

Sculptra is designed to target skin laxity and quality in the temple, midface and lower face to reduce the appearance of ageing skin.

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Treatment FAQs

Q.  How many treatments are required?

2 to 3 sessions per treatment plan is generally recommended but specific number of sessions varies person to person and will be discussed during your consultation, based on your individual needs and anatomy.

Q.  What bodily parts can it be used on?

Sculptra is primarily used for target the signs of ageing in the face however can be applied to other areas of the body including the neck, decolletage, arms, tummy, thighs and buttocks.

Q.  What side effects should I expect after treatment?

As with all injectable treatments there are risks of bruising and swelling following treatment. Not all patients will experience such effects however when it does occur, they should settle within 2 weeks of treatment.

Q.  When will I see results?

Sculptra starts to take effect immediately following treatment, however the visible improvements take some time to be seen and should be expected to create gradual improvements over the first 3 weeks of treatment and continue to see full effects in the 3-6 weeks following your final session.

Q.  Treatment, Travelling and Big Events:


Flying can increase the chances of swelling after your treatment, this isn’t a problem and it is still possible to travel around your appointment, but we would recommend using ice to combat any swelling that you experience.


Big Events:

We advise booking far in advance of any big events you have coming up, to allow any swelling to subside and allow us to address any issues or top ups that my need performing to maximise your results. We ask all of our patients who have big events coming up, to get in contact with us before booking so we can best arrange your treatment to happen at the recommended number of weeks before your event.

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Please see Prices for further information on all our pricing options.

  • From £550
    Price depends on number of vials required

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What our patients really think...

Fantastic professional and thoughtful service from booking through to treatment and aftercare. Dr Zoya is incredibly knowledgable and always gives the best advice. Have never looked back since first going 2 years ago and continue to go every 4-6 months for top ups. Would never go anywhere else!


What our patients really think...

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I’ve been visiting Dr Sanjay for couple of years and I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my injectable treatments. He understands the needs and provides the best advice according my individual needs. Also never had so many compliments on my lip fillers, it was done to perfection. Welcoming atmosphere and great communication with the reception team is also icing on the cake. Thank you Trikwan team 🙂


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