Academic Aesthetics Mastermind Group

This group is chaired and founded by Dr Zoya Diwan and Dr Sanjay Trikha aiming to advance the field of Aesthetic Medicine through education, research and working together with other experts in the industry to ensure and improve excellence, safety and academia within this industry.

We want to create an open space, free of any negativity to allow growth, education and unity in the industry to ensure patient outcomes are maximised.

Monthly meetings at the Royal Society of Medicine are carried out in which specialist doctors and surgeons from the industry attend and discuss the latest advancements and current research in the industry on topics like Tear Trough fillers, Chin and jawline enhancement with filler and complications to name a few. Moreover, the group also discuss interesting patient cases, anatomy and propose new research projects to constantly improve how we treat our patients.

The first meeting was highly acclaimed by the Aesthetics journal, who attended the meeting and wrote an amazing piece on what this initiative is trying to achieve.

If you’re a doctor who is interested in attending these meetings, then please email

Article in Aesthetics Journal by Dr Zoya Diwan

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