Non-Surgical Nose job

Consultation & treatment
30 minutes
Duration of results
Up to 12 months
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What is a Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty?

This particular procedure has become one of our most popular in recent years, with often transformative results. The use of dermal filler to rebalance the proportions of the nose negates the need to go under the knife in an invasive surgery. There are many different areas of the nose that we can focus on to recreate your desired result. We can lift the tip of the nose, straighten the hook, create a bridge, create a rounder tip and much more. This treatment is commonly combined with chin filler to perfectly balance the side profile.

How does it work?

The non-surgical Rhinoplasty is achieved with delicately placed dermal filler and is often completed in less than fifteen minutes. The procedure is an in-clinic treatment and does not require any down time, unlike surgical rhinoplasty which often takes weeks to heal and often up to a year to see the full results.

The no knife nose job – as some call it, is also completely reversible and will last up to 9-12 months. We find that patients often come to us for the treatment if they have been considering surgical options for some time and want to get a good understanding of how they may look first before opting for the surgical option.
This procedure is taking on such a high profile nationally that it has in fact seen a huge reduction in the rate of surgical rhinoplasty. Trikwan’s non-surgical nose job is so well respected that it has been featured in the Daily Mail and Asiana Magazines.

*All of our treatments require minimal down time. Any potential side effects, such as temporary bruising and swelling will be discussed during your consultation.

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Is it safe?

By utilising safe techniques and anatomical landmarks, this procedure is a safe one when carried out by trained doctors.

Is this an alternative to surgery?

In some cases, yes and in other cases surgery may be the only option. Book a consultation with Dr Diwan for an assessment and more information.

Commonly combined treatments:

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