Hydrators and Moisturizers

What’s The Difference and What Will Work Best For You?

You may have seen and bought both of these popular products during your skincare searching, but do you know what really sets them apart from each other?

Our skin requires a mixture of hydration and moisture. Seem like the same thing? They’re actually very different concepts despite often being referred to interchangeably. Having a good understanding of the difference will help you tailor your skincare routine so that it includes the best product for nourishing your skin type.

What’s the Difference?
Both of these products are concerned with making sure your skin has the water it needs to remain healthy, smooth and combat the signs of ageing. However, the way they each achieve this is very different.

A Hydrator is water-based, and binds water to the skin to prevent it becoming dehydrated. Generally Hydrators come in the form of Hyaluronic Acid, a balm or an ointment. Moisturisers, on the other hand, are oil-based, and functions to lock-in hydration to prevent it from becoming dry. Moisturisers usually come in the form of a cream, a gel or a mist.

What Will Work Best For Me?
Which product is best for you depends entirely on your skin type and the skin problems that you are experiencing. Take note of your skin’s condition and pay attention to the specific appearance it has, this way you can establish whether your skin is dehydrated, or dry.

Dull, Lacklustre Skin = Dehydration
If your skin appears dull and lacklustre, with fine lines and wrinkles becoming more prominent, then it is likely that your skin is battling dehydration. This means that your skin’s cells are not getting all the water they need and therefore they lose their volume and plumpness leading to that dull appearance. If this is the case for your skin then a Hydrator is the product for you, alongside drinking lots of water, which is an easy way to get more hydration into those cells. At Trikwan, Dr Zoya and Dr Sanjay recommend the Obagi Hydro-drops; an innovative, non-comedogenic, hydration serum designed to deliver its hydrating ingredients in their purest form directly to the skin, eliminating the need for emulsifiers that can irritate sensitive skin types.

Profhilo injections are another great option that we provide at Trikwan Aesthetics for those suffering with dehydrated skin; ultra-pure Hyaluronic Acid is injected to promote the production of collagen and elastin where it’s needed, rehydrating and revolumising the skin to result in reduced fine lines, and tighter, plumper, and overall improved skin quality.

Dry, Flaky Skin = Dry
If the skin’s natural lipid barrier, that protects it from water loss, is damaged, what results is dry, flaky skin that is unable to lock-in moisture. In this case, your skin would require a moisturiser, which will reduce the amount of water lost from the skin by evaporation. It does this by effectively acting as a barrier, locking and sealing moisture into the skin. At our Harley Street and Mayfair clinics, we always recommend the Obagi Moisturisers and Hydrators that are included in the various Obagi Skincare Systems and as part of their Obagi Hydrate range. Which moisturiser is best for your skincare depends on your unique skin type and skincare regime, and we advise which product will work best for your needs during your face to face skincare consultation with Trikwan’s Dr Sanjay or Dr Zoya.



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