As the temperatures begin to racket up in the later months of this unprecedented year, and life appears to be getting back to some more normality, many of us are heading out to make the most out of the 2020 summer before Autumn rolls in. In the past few weeks that means a lot of…


As the temperatures begin to racket up in the later months of this unprecedented year, and life appears to be getting back to some more normality, many of us are heading out to make the most out of the 2020 summer before Autumn rolls in. In the past few weeks that means a lot of time spent enjoying the sun of the annual July and August UK heatwaves, and whilst we enjoy our (socially distanced) BBQs and pub drinks, it’s possible that our skin is taking quite the beating. In this blog we’ll be taking you through all the ways you can give your skin a helping hand in combatting the effects of the notorious British heatwave…

We’re all aware of how the sun can cause damage to our skin in the form of varying degrees of Sunburn, if we’re not careful, but do you know about the other ways high temperatures can take a toll on your skin?


Too much time in the sun without adequate protection can lead to your skin becoming damaged by the intensity of the sun’s UV rays, causing redness, swelling, tenderness and in more severe cases, blistering and peeling. These effects the increase the risk of developing skin cancers, such as melanoma, as well as increasing the risk of sunburnexperiencing other forms of skin photodamage that contribute to premature aging. Depending where you sit on the Fitzpatrick scale, you may experience sunburn more or less quickly, but regardless of your skin tone it is essential to protect your skin to prevent premature aging along with those more severe consequences.

Tackle with: Sunscreen! But not just any sunscreen, to be truly effective you need to be using an SPF of at least 30+ and a 4 star UVA rating – this will ensure you are being protected from both UVA and UVB types of radiation. Find a facial sunscreen that fits these criteria and is non-comedogenic, so that your pores aren’t getting blocked by your daily application. Be sure to reapply before your head out into the sun and after exercise or getting wet to make sure you maintain your protection throughout the day. Learn more about all things sunscreen here.

Apart from sunscreen, as a rule we always advise to cover up exposed skin with clothing, to avoid tanning, and to seek shade wherever possible in order to limit and prevent any damage caused by the Sun’s UV Rays.


When UV rays enter the skin, they cause the increase of melanin pigment production, leading to what we know as ‘tanning’. However, this process can happen unevenly with over-exposure to the sun, causing the appearance of sunspots, especially on areas most exposed like the hands and face.

Tackle with: The best advice is to prevent this photodamage with adequate skin protection, however, if you have already developed sunspots on the skin, there are a couple of skincare products that are a real game changer. Hydroquinone is a powerful prescription-strength product that combats and reduces the appearance of hyperpigmentation and sunspots over a few months. To get your hands on this you will need to see a qualified doctor or dermatologist, like Trikwan’s Dr Zoya Diwan or Dr Sanjay Trikha, who can assess your concerns and decide what treatment regime would be best for your individual concerns. Make sure to carry out thorough research into the credibility of your practitioner so that you ensure you are being treated by someone who is highly qualified and holds your best interests at the heart of what they do. At Trikwan Aesthetics, we are an ambassador clinic for Obagi; our Doctors may recommend those struggling with sunspots the Obagi Nu-Derm System, which is specifically formulated to target hyperpigmentation using prescription-strength hydroquinone additional to retinoid products, which are also great options for improving uneven skin tone.

Dry Skin

Prolonged periods of high temperatures, especially in a country like the UK where we are not very used to adapting to such heat, can cause your skin to dehydrate and become dry and flaky. Compounded by the use of air conditioning in many workplaces, this can lead to a bit of a skincare nightmare if you don’t know how to adapt your regime to best suit your skin’s needs.

Tackle with: Hydrate and Exfoliate! Find yourself a good hydrator or moisturiser product that is non-comedogenic to help your skin gain and maintain that much-needed water. However, it’s important to choose the most appropriate product of the two to best combat your skin’s current condition – to find out which is best for your specific concerns, take a look at our recent blog that explains all.

Exfoliating is also really important, as it helps to remove dry, dead skin cells from the skin’s surface so that any creams, serums and moisturisers or hydrators can be absorbed efficiently into the skin so that they can do their job effectively. A good AHA product (glycolic or lactic acid) is a brilliant option for an exfoliator when formulated in the right way. Alternatively, you could opt for a physical exfoliator in the form of a gentle exfoliating mask or scrub, however it is best to consult your dermatologist to make sure that you are using the best type of product for your skincare concerns. Using the wrong product has the potential to do more harm than good!

Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Treatments for fine lines and wrinklesThose UV rays that are causing photodamage to your skin are also major contributors to premature skin ageing and the formation of fine lines and wrinkles in the skin’s surface. UV radiation effects the collagen and elastin in the dermis of the skin, undermining the support of the skin’s surface (the epidermis), which ultimately leads to the wrinkling of the skin’s surface.

Tackle with: For issues with fine lines and wrinkles, antioxidant Vitamin C-based and Peptide complex products included in the Obagi-C and Professional-C skincare systems are a great place to start. However, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as other signs of premature skin ageing, is highly dependent upon your unique concerns, which is why, at Trikwan, we always recommend booking in for a face-to-face skincare consultation where we can thoroughly assess your concerns and provide you with an informed treatment plan that will be the most effective for your unique needs.


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