Cheek Fillers

Consultation & treatment
30 minutes
Duration of results
Up to 22 months
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How do Cheek Fillers work?

Cheek fillers have become a highly popular treatment option for those seeking to change their face shape or contour their features to create a modelesque V-shaped look. This technique can be used to enhance your natural cheek bone shape or to help replenish volume that has been lost from the region through ageing or other conditions. Advanced lifting techniques used in this treatment can also soften nose to mouth lines, creating a more youthful appearance.

Upon consultation we will discuss with you whether you are looking to achieve a change in face shape, replenish lost volume or to sculpt your natural cheek bone shape to create more modelesque contours. We will then use dermal filler to help you achieve your desired results.

*All of our treatments require minimal down time. Any potential side effects, such as temporary bruising and swelling will be discussed during your consultation.

VIDEO – Everything You Need to Know: Cheek Filler


Does it hurt?

Using advanced techniques, this treatment is surprisingly painless with most clients noticing at most a mild discomfort. Numbing cream can be applied as required but is generally not needed.

Will it make my face look wider?

This depends on the quality of injector, volume of product used and desired client look. This should be discussed thoroughly during your consultation to ensure you get exactly what you are looking for.

I am concerned that I will have a ‘pillow face’ look with cheek filler. Can this happen?

The term ‘pillow face’ is often used to describe, what is essentially an over-filled cheek area. This over-filled look can happen in two ways, when patients with already prominent cheekbones are over injected with filler or the fat pads in the cheek area close to the centre of the face is filled, which creates a ‘puffy’ look. To achieve the desired look, it is important that filler is placed sparingly, directly over the cheek bone area. The bone in this area often diminishes with age creating that ‘sunken’ look therefore the doctor’s focus on replacing that lost structure. Aside from killer cheekbones, the final result will help lift the rest of the face.

We love cheek filler at Trikwan as the results are stunning, however the doctor duo are strong believers in the less is more approach and will always advise patient’s go for the natural look. This ensures that no customer will ever walk away with over- filled, artificial looking features.

It is important to note that the Trikwan team always conduct an in person consultation first, before any treatment as the procedure will be unique and bespoke to each client. The team will need to be able to take a close look at the patient’s facial structure and decide as to whether cheek filler would be a preferred solution. We find with some lucky patient’s they already have beautifully defined cheekbones, and therefore it is decided that rather than placing filler along the cheekbone, it would be better to concentrate on other areas of the face to create the desired effect. In most cases however we do find that patients can benefit from some subtle enhancement of the cheek bone area.

How will cheek filler benefit me?

Cheek filler has many benefits aesthetically. It may be that the patient would benefit aesthetically from cleverly placed filler along the cheekbone for supermodel like contouring or even to help lift other areas of the face such as the marionette lines or help with early jowling. Often patients come to Trikwan Aesthetics believing that facial implants, a lower surgical facelift or threads are their only option to solve typical signs of ageing, however in our experience we find that filler in the cheek is the first place to start. As a test to see how cheek filler can help with early aging, if you are to place two finger tips on your cheek bones and gently lift by around 0.5cm – you will get an idea of the effect 1-2ml of filler will have on the lower face.

Can I get any complications with cheek filler?

At Trikwan we have not experienced any complications with Cheek Filler. All fillers we provide can be easily, quickly and safely dissolved so patient’s will not need to be concerned with issues surrounding this procedure. General side effects can include some mild swelling and bruising however this will go back to normal within a couple of days.


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