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The newly-reimagined Dermamelan Peel is the world’s leading medical depigmentation treatment. It uses a combination of 18 active ingredients in a Doctor-led treatment regime that transforms hyper-pigmented skin. This includes 3 acids, Niacinamide, Retinol, Vitamins and Minerals and a melanin inhibitor to tackle severe hyper-pigmentation. It involves a multi-step process of in-clinic treatment and an at-home regime to tackle your concerns.

The first step of the process is to prepare your skin for the Cosmelan in-clinic Peel. This will involve the use of the Melanostop Prep peel 48 hours before your Dermamelan appointment to prepare your skin for the application of the Dermamelan 1 mask in-clinic. There is also the option to use the Mesoestetic Depigmentation Prep Kit for the 2 weeks preceding this appointment to maximise your results.

The second step of the process is the application of the Dermamelan Mask and Dermamelan Ion Mask in-clinic, which should be left on together for 4 hours before being washed off with cool water. The purpose of this step is to correct current hyper-pigmentation of the skin. The final step is the application of a daily topical anti-pigmentation treatment (Dermamelan Treatment) that helps to regulate and re-educate melanin production. This topical treatment contains many of the same ingredients as the peel and should be used for up to 1-year post-treatment.

You will also be provided with a targeted skincare regime that will help to maximise your treatment results and reduce resultant peeling and irritation as much as possible.

Prior to your in-clinic treatment we will have a pre-treatment consultation to assess your needs and explain the process and commitment required to make the most out of this treatment.

The Dermamelan Peel tackles pigmentation by acting at all phases of the hyper-pigmentation process; working to elimate all existing hyper-pigmentation, preventing its re-appearance and stopping the appearance of new dark spots. It does this through targeted inhibition and regulation of the chemical pathways in your skin that lead to hyper-pigmentation. It is suitable and safe for all skin tones.

This Peel is a Medium Depth Peel and begin as all our Trikwan Facials do, with a thorough consultation that allows your therapist to identify any problem areas and select the best options to suit your individual needs, before moving onto the treatment itself.

Standard Package: includes Prep Peel, Dermamelan 1 Mask, Dermamelan 2 Maintenance Kit

Extended Package: includes 2-week Prep Kit, Prep Peel, Dermamelan 1 Mask, Dermamelan 2 Maintenance Kit

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Skin Peels

Tailored to your skin

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Every one of our Trikwan Facials is tailored to suit your individual skin requirements. You will have a detailed consultation with your skin specialist therapist where we will design the best Facial treatment plan for you. One of our Simple facials or Skin Peels may be the best option for you, or your plan may combine a variety of our Facial options and technologies in the form of our Trikwan Bespoke Facials with Hydrafacial technology. Your therapist may also recommend a more extensive, longer-term treatment plan comprised of a bespoke Facial Package or Bundle tailored to your skin.

The Dermamelan Peel is an Advanced Medical Grade treatment option for:

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Treatment FAQs

Q.  What is the difference between Trikwan’s range of Facial treatments?

Trikwan offers a range of Facials that can all be adapted to fit both your skincare needs and your wallet. Your trained skincare therapist will take you through the options available, starting with the Simple Facials and Skin Peels that are less intensive and sit at the lower end of our price range, to the Medium Grade options in the form of our Trikwan Bespoke Facials with Hydrafacial technology. If you are looking for more Advanced Medical-grade options, your therapist can take you through our Facial packages and bundles. These combine our Simple Facials, Peels and Hydrafacials with other targeted Trikwan Treatments, such as Morpheus 8 RF technology and skin boosters, and bespoke Skincare regimes, to maximise your skin transformation.

Q.  What is the difference between Cosmelan and Dermamelan?

Cosmelan is a primarily cosmetic depigmentation method which does not use the same strength of ingredients. Dermamelan however, uses much stronger and targeted ingredients and is a primarily medical depigmentation method with incredible efficacy. However, this treatment is harder on the skin and may not be for all people. During your initial consultation we will discuss the differences with you and help you decide which peel would be most suited to you.

Q.  What should I expect from the Dermamelan Peel?

After your treatment peel, you will experience peeling, redness and tenderness for 2-4 weeks. This can be tackled through the use of your mesoestetic skincare regimen which will be explained to you at your consultation.

Q.  Are these Facials suitable for my skin type and concerns?

Every Trikwan facial is specifically designed to be suitable for every skin type and tone and to address a range of your skincare concerns. Your therapist will explore these with you during an in-depth consultation and build you a bespoke Facial treatment plan using our available treatment options to target your concerns and problem areas, and maximise the benefit you gain from every single Facial.

Q.  When will I see results?

Results will begin to be seen after 2 weeks but will be fully realised at 30-60 days post-treatment. You may require a top up treatment after one year for deeper pigmentation to see even better results.

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