Obagi Skin Care has been recognised as a world-wide leading medical skin care range for over 30 years. Each product has in depth scientific research to support their transformative effects on patients and their skin.

Trikwan is an accredited Obagi Practitioner and we have recently been nominated for “SKIN TRANSFORMATION OF THE YEAR” due to the life changing transformation of one of our clients who undertook the Obagi Skin Care at home treatment. Please note some of the following products are PRESCRIPTION ONLY MEDICATIONS, and must be recommended by a doctor as a part of your bespoke skincare regime.

Daily Hydro-Drops is a new innovative hydrator facial serum from Obagi. Each drop of this light weight, non-comedogenic hydrating serum is individually created using Obagi’s revolutionary Isoplentix technology which protects and preserves the key ingredients, Vitamin B3, Abyssinian Oil and Hibiscus Oil, in their purest form until they reach your skin.

Additionally, the Isoplentix Technology removes the need for emulsifiers which can irritate sensitive skin types. The serum is applied using the fingertips, morning and night after cleansing and toning and before moisturiser and SPF.

This formula is rich in antioxidants and contains a skincare gold-standard ingredient Vitamin B3, or Niacinamide, which is renowned for its soothing capabilities and has been proven to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. These ingredients replenish the skin’s natural barrier so that it can continue to hold in moisture and protect against free radicals and other damaging substances.

In short, this serum provides your skin with everything that is needed and nothing that is not.

Any skincare routine that you start at Trikwan includes free video call reviews every 6 weeks

Trikwan - Obagi - Hydrodrops

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Trikwan - Obagi Daily Hydro Drops

Treatment FAQs

Q.  Why Obagi?

We prescribe evidence-based, highest-quality skincare products that produce tangible results for all of our clients. Being an Ambassador clinic for Obagi, we are proud to be associated with a company that values the importance of diversity and inclusivity, both in and out of clinic. So, if their 30-year history as a world-leading skincare brand and Trikwan’s own skincare transformations aren’t enough to convince you, then have a listen to Obagi’s #SKINCLUSION brand ambassador, Priyanka Chopra, about why the Obagi products we prescribe, really do work for everyone, no matter your skin type or tone.

Q.  Why do we need to wear moisturisers and hydrators?

Making sure your skin is properly hydrated and moisturised helps to maintain your skin’s natural barrier. It is essential to maintain your skin’s natural barrier function as it protects your skin from the harsh effects of your everyday environment. It helps protect against free radical  damage from sun exposure and pollution. Dry, cracked skin compromises the skin’s barrier and leaves you vulnerable to free radical damage and infection.

Q.  What is Direct to Patient Delivery Service?

We can post Obagi Skincare products, including prescription items, directly to your home address and now is the perfect time to start your skin transformation. This is good for multiple skin conditions where treatment can take 6-16 weeks, for example acne, scarring and pigmentation. Our doctors are conducting online and in-person consultations to create personalised skin regimes for you, or to help continue your current regime.

If you would like some more information or to arrange your skin consultation, please contact us on

Q.  How much is Postage?

Orders from Obagi cost £5 for delivery, while orders from ZO cost £6. If delivery from both brands is the total cost is £11.

Trikwan - Obagi Daily Hydro Drops


Please see Prices for further information on all our pricing options.

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What our patients really think...

The doctors at Trikwan Aesthetics are experts in their field! Had a consultation with Dr Sanjay Trikha and was super impressed with his knowledge, professionalism and treatment plan which was tailored specifically for my skin. Definitely would recommend.


What our patients really think...

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I have also recently started using 2 more products which I love!!!! The OBAGI 20% vitamin C serum and the new L-Ascorbic acid polish and mask which is an absolute game-changer. BEST MASK I HAVE EVER USED!!! It smells amazing and brightened my skin after just ONE application.

Thank you Dr Zoya for helping me get on the right track with the BEST skin care products on the market.


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