Neck Treatments

Consultation & treatment
30 mins
Duration of results
Up to 6 months
Prices from

How does Neck Tightening work?

The delicate area around the neck can be one of the earliest areas to show the signs of ageing through the appearance of wrinkles or through sagging of skin in the region. Thick platysmal bands can appear in the neck which drag the face down causing a host of other affects which make the face look aged and tired.

How can Trikwan help?

Botulinum Toxin can be injected into the area to relax these vertical bands of muscle, providing 10-15% more lift in the lower face, reducing the jowled and sagging appearance of this region. This treatment is often combined with Profhilo injections which tighten and firm the skin, improve skin quality and treat fine horizontal lines in the skin of the neck. The combination of both treatments takes a multi-layered approach to improving the aged appearance of the neck, with toxin injections targeting the underlying muscle while Profhilo targets the overlying skin, leaving the neck area looking uplifted and youthful.

*All of our treatments require minimal down time. Any potential side effects, such as temporary bruising and swelling will be discussed during your consultation.


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